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    Training Workshop on SciELO Methodology

    Training Workshop on SciELO Methodology

    Version March 2008


    The use of SciELO Methodology for the electronic publication of journals requires previous training to introduce the Model and practice the component programs.

    This workshop is sponsored by SciELO, together with the national institutions in charge of developing the SciELO Model in the country. It is designed for technical personnel involved in producing the electronic publication of selected journals that comprise the national SciELO collection.

    It is conducted by experienced lecturers, and the course includes didactic material and technical support in order to solve any queries. By the end of the course, each participant is granted a certificate of participation.



    The Training Workshop on SciELO Methodology is composed of three modules with theoretical and practical classes, so that the participants learn to manage the software used to process data according to SciELO Methodology, from describing the journal in database to publication in the journal website:

    Module 1 - The SciELO Model of electronic publication
    This module presents the bases of SciELO Model and the Methodology software used to publish electronic documents.

    Module 2 - Data processing with SciELO Methodology
    This module demonstrates the preparation of electronic files, installation and use of the Methodology software; there are practical classes on software use.

    Module 3 - Publication of journals according to SciELO Model
    This module creates the website interface by means of the database produced in the previous module and performs quality control of the final result.

    The minimum hour load expected for the workshop is 35 hours, distributed in 5 classes lasting 7 hours each. The number of participants is limited to a group of 10-12 students.


    Minimum Requirements

    Before starting the course, the institution in charge of its organization must comply with the following requirements:

    1. To verify the conditions to implement the national SciELO site regarding infrastructure and human resources, composition of the National Consultancy Committee, political leadership of the institutions, among other requirements described in the 'Guide for the installation of SciELO sites', available at .

    2. To select an initial set of 4 to 7 journals that will be part of the national or thematic SciELO collection, according to the criteria established in the document 'SciELO Criteria: criteria, policy and procedures for admission and permanence of scientific journals in the SciELO collection', available at .

    3. To select the individuals who will be trained to work with the Methodology, and assure they have basic knowledge as described in this document. We recommend selecting professionals who are directly involved in producing the electronic version of the journal, such as librarians, assistants, reviewers, etc.


    The following material is required to train on SciELO Methodology:

    1. Equipment and software

    1. Pentium III, minimum 300Mz, 32Mb RAM, 6Gb in hard disk, connected to local network and Internet; one PC per participant.
    2. Windows 2000/NT/XP system. The Windows 95/98/ME versions are not recommended, but acceptable.
    3. MS Word 97/2000/XP, in English.
    4. Web edition software, such as Dreamweaver or Front Page.

    2. Specific material for journal editing

    1. Electronic files in HTML format of at least one issue of each journal selected (preferably the most recent issues), ready for web presentation, including tables and figures. Each file must correspond to one article of the journal and the full text should not be displayed in tables or columns.
    2. Electronic files in PDF format of the same issue of the journal (not compulsory).
    3. Electronic files with general data of the journal, such as its mission, editorial board, instructions to authors, subscriptions, etc., and the journal logo.
    4. Offprint or printed copy of the issue of the journal corresponding to the HTML files.

    3. Requirements for participants

    1. Basic knowledge of information technology (Windows, MS Word).
    2. Basic knowledge of HTML or web edition software.
    3. Knowledge of journal edition and bibliographic standards in order to identify the different types of articles and bibliographic citations and their elements.
    4. Capacity and willingness to convey the contents of the course to other individuals.

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